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About Us

Did you know

New Zealanders make more than six million payments daily, estimated to be worth more than $35 billion each day.

Did you know

Payments NZ has recently delivered a project to support the industry through its progression to mobile payments.

Our Story

The payments industry covers a wide range of organisations – from financial services to retail and technology suppliers.

The “system” transacts over $35 billion per day - that's the GDP of NZ every working week.

This, combined with the rate of change in  payments technology, means it is critically important to  have a central body, dedicated to establishing the best possible guidelines and rules of engagement.

In 2010, with the support of the Reserve Bank, Payments New Zealand was formed with a mandate to preserve the integrity of the payment system and maintain the self regulation status we currently enjoy in NZ.

With a relentless push for efficiency we are committed to ensuring everyone involved in payments in New Zealand has complete confidence in our payments system both now and into the future.  




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