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Shaping payments together

Payments NZ sets the rules that keep our payment system open, safe and efficient. We embrace relationships and technology to make sure our system is working at its best now and well into the future.

Integrity, efficiency, security

Our business is payment system safety, a level playing field and system efficiency. We work with our members to understand the landscape, set the rules and standards for New Zealand and make it fair for all.

What's happening

27 May 2016

Implications of a cashless society for NZ

As more electronic payment options become available, many commentators have said that a cashless society isn’t too far away. This second article in our series on cash in New Zealand examines the arguments for and against a cashless society.

27 May 2016

Two sides of the coin: cash usage in New Zealand

This is our latest research on cash use in NZ. We examine the economic, behavioural and emotional drivers of payment choice and look at the inevitability, or otherwise, of a cashless society focusing on the evolution of cash as a payment method.

13 May 2016

Disruptive innovation…payments, you’re not alone

Last week we held sessions of The Hub in Auckland and Wellington on disruptive innovation. Our speakers talked about the different types of disruptive innovation impacting payments and the broader financial services sector, as well as some examples of home-grown innovation and entrepreneurship. Read the round-up of these events here.

13 May 2016

It pays to focus on women in payments

We've been doing some work around encouraging diversity and supporting women in the payments industry. In March, our Head of Strategy and Corporate Affairs contributed to a Leadership Panel at the Women in Payments Symposium in Sydney and back here we’ve been running our women's event The Link. Find out what happened at these recent events.

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27 May 2016

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