27 June 2018


The intersection between innovation and security

Australian Payments Network is the self-regulatory body for Australia's payments industry and has over 100 members, including leading financial institutions, major retailers, payments system operators and other service providers. The expansion of the digital economy in Australia is exponential, but as the online world of payments is growing, so too is the risk of fraud. CEO Dr Leila Fourie will discuss the intersection between innovation and security and the fine balance between risk and reward. She will elaborate on fraud trends and present the industry response to this.

The New Payments Platform (NPPA) is a world-class platform for payments innovation which can turn possibilities into real progress for Australian consumers, businesses and institutions.

Presentations from Leila and Katrina will be followed by a Fireside Chat Q&A.


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Disruption and collaboration in cross-border payments

In an increasingly digitised world, a growing ecosystem of nimble start-ups and fintech companies are taking advantage of new technologies, lesser legacy and regulatory burden to meet higher customer expectations. Some would say that banks have been slow to react, however the recent launch of the New Payments Platform in Australia and SWIFT’s global payments innovation (gpi) initiative are two examples of how these dynamics have driven an unprecedented level of industry collaboration. With multiple markets implementing real-time payments systems whilst improving the cross-border payments experience for their customers, do we now have an opportunity to provide near real-time cross-border payments to our customers in the very near future?



Canada’s digital ID framework

The DIACC is a non-profit coalition of public and private sector leaders committed to developing a Canadian digital ID and authentication framework to enable Canada's full and secure participation in the global digital economy. Digital Identity is the key to unlocking economic and societal opportunities for all Canadians. This session will share Canada’s public and privacy sector collaborative strategy to move GDP through secure, convenient, and privacy-respecting Digital Identity innovation.


The future is open but not without key digital enablers
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System connections – immediate payments, cyber security, data privacy, customer protections, and richer payments data

This stream will comprise of 2 speakers and a panel.


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The instant payment revolution in Asia and what it means for corporates in NZ 

Citigroup provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial services and products that enable growth and economic progress.
Asia is the world’s largest eCommerce region with both digital natives and traditional corporates focused on growing online sales and creating a better user experience for their customers. Nick will discuss how technology and regulatory forces are enabling societies to leapfrog technology and buy more and more goods and services online, resulting in a payment landscape that is rapidly evolving to support mega-volumes of digital micro-payments processed around the clock. Historical clearing, bank systems and infrastructure are needing to adapt to 24x7x365 instant payments with real-time information. Nick's presentation will also cover how governments and banks in Asia are responding to help corporates increase online sales, support ecosystem partners more and provide better services to customers and suppliers.


Global connections – India’s payments platform, Asia’s digital payments, global state of payments, and global remittance platforms

The stream will comprise of 3 speakers and a panel.


India’s payments platform – building digital from scratch

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is an umbrella organisation for operating retail payments and settlement systems in India, and is an initiative of the Reserve Bank of India and Indian Banks' Association. With a government mandate for a cashless society and an organisational mission to ‘touch every Indian with one or other electronic payment services by 2020’, the NCPI have set about building a digital payments platform and services from scratch –including Aadhaar, UPI and IMPS to name a few. Bhagyesh will provide an overview of the recent payments revolution in India, the platforms they have created, how incumbents and fintechs are getting involved and how the future is evolving.


The transformation to digital payments in Asia 

Pembayaran Digital (Digital Payments Asia Pacific) is an independent payments strategy, consulting, education and research company with years of hands-on experience with transformational payment programmes in Asia Pacific. A fundamental paradigm shift is occurring in payments in emerging Asian markets, and it is progressing at a rapid rate. The result is the displacement of cash by digital payments, and an opportunity for the unbanked to participate in a digital economy. Paul will explain the drivers of digitisation in payments across Asia, why the market dynamics and demographics have created the ideal environment for this change now, and who are the key players leading the transformation. Paul will share his experiences working in two Asian markets and use real examples to illustrate the forces at play.


How does the payments landscape in New Zealand compare globally? 

RFI Group is a global intelligence and digital media provider specialising in data and information gathering, customer based insight generation and business decision support for the world's leading financial service providers. Globally, RFI have seen significant shifts in payment usage and preference in recent years with the rise of contactless cards and mobile payments and the decline of cash. The recent emergence of Buy Now Pay Later services has impacted on how consumers make payments online. Kate will talk about how consumers are paying in New Zealand compared to other markets and identify key payment trends globally and in New Zealand. She will also explore the primary barriers to and drivers of mobile wallet adoption as well as what impact we can expect from the rise of Buy Now Pay Later services in New Zealand.



A fresh way of looking at the future.
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