27 June 2018


Open Bank Project Workshop with Ismail Chaib

This special two-hour interactive workshop designed for API practitioners will run at the same time as the plenary breakfast sessions on day two of the conference. A full conference pass gives you access to this workshop. Tickets can also be purchased separately for $75 +GST.

Ismail Chaib, COO of TESOBE, the Berlin-based company which leads the Open Bank Project, will use the experiences and technical framework of the Open Bank Project to explore open banking APIs.

He will discuss what makes a good open platform architecture, which APIs to open, how to design and build RESTful APIs that developers like to use, and how to attract the best and brightest to your platform. Using real world case studies, Ismail will share insights into defining, designing and implementing successful API programmes.

The workshop will end with an extended Q&A session where you will get the chance to directly interact with Ismail. Technical and business questions are welcome.

The Open Bank Project enables banks to offer an ecosystem of third-party apps and services to their customers through open source API technology and a community of over 8,000 fintech developers.

With over five years’ experience in open banking, Ismail brings a wealth of knowledge on what makes a successful banking API. He will also be speaking at the conference on day one in the future connections breakout stream, where he will share his vision of an open banking future and talk about what that could look like in a New Zealand context.

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