Reframing the future

We’re living at a time of great societal change and transformation. Effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and geopolitical conflicts are being felt globally, shaped and amplified by technological forces. And the socio-economic impact of these disruptive events is pushing us to change the way we live our lives.

People are reassessing what they want, need and value. Spending more time with family, looking after our health and wellbeing, and being a more conscious consumer are becoming priorities. Technological advancement and user adoption has accelerated as a result. It’s now expected that businesses and whole industries will adapt and keep up with changing human needs.

That’s why our theme for this year’s conference is: Reframing the future. We will come together as an industry and take stock of the big picture. Reframing our thinking, we’ll consider our vision for the future of payments in Aotearoa New Zealand as we seek out new ways to innovate in this evolving customer, business and economic landscape.

Now is the time to be courageous and ask the big questions of ourselves and our organisations. How will the future of payments look different to what it is now? How far do we have to go and in what direction? And how can the industry, including regulators and the wider business sector, enable all Kiwi consumers and businesses to participate in that future? How will we collectively meet the future needs of Kiwi and support their financial wellbeing?


Why attend The Point 2022?

Payments are the engine room of modern economies – they allow the transfer of value to take place and are critically important to an increasingly interconnected and data-driven global economy. If you have a stake in the future of payments in Aotearoa New Zealand, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Over two days we’ll be traversing all the pertinent topics that are, and will, influence the shape of payments. You’ll hear from thought-leaders, disruptors and visionaries from around the world on where the future is heading. You can see how our 2022 programme is developing in the programme outline.

Our conferences are well-known for being of an international standard, built on our experience of curating extensive and engaging programmes featuring local and international speakers. A reputation we’ve proudly built since our first conference in 2012. You can check out the highlights reel and photo gallery from our 2018 conference to see for yourself. 

At The Point 2022 you’ll join hundreds of like-minded professionals from across the payments industry and make the most of a long-awaited opportunity to connect in-person. Join us.