Nov. 8, 2016


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Taking payments to the next level

The importance of innovation to the local payments system infrastructure, and what we need to do as an industry to ensure payments are simple and secure for Kiwis.


Welcome address from our Principal Sponsor VocaLink.


Sponsored by Buddle Findlay

Taking payments to the next level panel discussion with c-suite bank executives.

Simon Jensen, Partner at Buddle Findlay, will introduce the session. Then the panel will discuss the role and importance of a progressive payments ecosystem, disruption, fragmentation and innovation in payments. The panel will be facilitated by our conference MC, Nadine Chalmers-Ross.




Break for morning tea.


Taking payments to the next level – a regulatory perspective

The Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank, Grant Spencer, will discuss how change in the payments industry is impacting the Reserve Bank’s roles of regulator and operator. The changes, driven by user expectations, technological advances and regulatory developments, offer opportunities for efficiency gains but also present new risks. The Reserve Bank as operator is looking to respond by undertaking major technology upgrades of its core payment systems. As regulator, the Reserve Bank is proposing an enhanced oversight framework for financial market infrastructures.


Sponsored by TSB Bank

Taking payments to the next level – an emerging payments perspective.

Around the world there is a “push to push” as regulators (and businesses and a new generation of consumers reared on immediate gratification) demand “instant payments”. Of course, simply having a new real-time credit transfer system in place is not enough, by itself, to transform the payments landscape. The systems needs to be opened up! Look at the UK, where the “new access model” has opened up the instant payment infrastructure and the first fintech (Transferwise) has now been connected. But what does this shift mean in the longer term? It is possible to see a day where non-cash retail payments are no longer dominated by cards but by zero risk, instant, free or near-free, data-rich push payments? I think that it is, and I have labelled that day Cardmageddon! In this presentation David will explore some of the trends carrying us to cardmageddon and speculate on its implications.


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Taking the payment experience to the next level for consumers

This stream session discusses new consumer electronic payments and channel experiences from C2B and C2C payments, loyalty/rewards programmes and connected commerce through the internet of everything. It will explore the trends and resulting opportunities and challenges, and how digital disruption is bringing about changes to the consumer experience.

This stream will comprise two presentations and one panel session.


The rise of Chinese payments innovation and why we should pay attention.

Imagine the complications for a Kiwi business working with just one of the emerging Chinese payment giants or mega banks. ANZIA Tech Startup Of The Year award Winner, Latipay, bolts on to not just one, but all three of the main Chinese payment giants WeChat, Alipay and JDPay, and 19 of the main Chinese banks in a fully compliant manner.

Latipay integrates with some of the leading and most progressive New Zealand businesses across Education, Travel and Export.

Gain an insight into why future forward Kiwi businesses have a need for direct cross border e-commerce with China, and understand the compliance, reasoning and methodology behind their requirements. Also find out why the Chinese payment giants are interested in New Zealand cross border e-commerce.


How BPAY is taking the payments experience for consumers to the next level.

John Banfield will present on BPAY’s role in revolutionising the payments experience for consumers in Australia, taking it to the next level.

BPAY revolutionised the bill payments landscape in Australia by providing consumers one channel that is supported by all Australian banking platforms. This unique position and success in the market positioned BPAY to take on the challenge of implementing the Initial Convenience Service (ICS) on Australia’s New Payments Platform (NPP). John will introduce this new game-changing service, share the benefits to consumers and business and ultimately how it will change the way Australia pays.


The future of the consumer experience in New Zealand

This panel will discuss how the consumer payments experience is evolving in New Zealand and overseas, and what this will ultimately mean for Kiwis. The panellists will debate how these changes are opening up opportunities and where improvements are required to take the consumer experience to the next level.




Taking dynamic networks to the next level

This stream session will discuss the enabling of innovation through dynamic network connections from both a system and relationship perspective.

This stream will comprise two presentations and one panel session.


Is the future APIs?

The Open Data Institute (ODI) is a driving force behind creating an open economy with open banking. David will reflect on the Open Bank Working Group activity to build an open API framework, which is underway in the UK.  With the UK regulator wanting to see the first deliverable as early as March 2017, David will talk about the challenges of needing to act quickly and how the wider industry is responding.  At the core of the framework development is customer choice and ODI is looking for an outcome that will stimulate the whole market and drive innovation. You decide whether this type of openness is liberating or a threat.


W3C leading the Web to its full potential

The World Wide Web Consortium, created in 1994 by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web. In 2015, W3C began work to make checkout easier and more secure, enabling new opportunities for customer satisfaction and fraud mitigation. This presentation will look at how the new standard works and how it may be leveraged by different stakeholders. Related W3C security efforts, and other payments initiatives being incubated by the Web community, will also be discussed.


Enabling innovation through dynamic networks

The payments ecosystem and its underlying infrastructure supports a complex and dynamic network of both local and international industry players. There are a significant number of important connections, layers and interdependencies and the more people and businesses that access the network the more valuable it becomes. Our panel will discuss how organisations are leveraging the payments network and its myriad of connections to bring new products and offerings to market, the importance of both cooperation and competition, and how they are managing to navigate in the network environment.




Break for afternoon tea


Taking global systems to the next level

Digital globalisation: Industry disruptions and opportunities for New Zealand’s payments industry

Innovation now disrupts across industries and global systems, and because all commerce requires a payment, this disruption inevitably affects the payments industry. How might we navigate these global shifts and participate in new global systems? What are the implications for the New Zealand payments industry? This session will discuss global themes in payment systems, trends in payments innovation, emerging opportunities and changing risk landscapes. The impact on New Zealand payment systems and the opportunities for New Zealand to engage further with these global systems will be explored.


Key challenges for new players in the digital world and integration with existing networks

Balancing risk and innovation is a theme that transcends industries. Balancing cardholder convenience with security is of paramount importance for continued payments growth. In harnessing the growing amount of data from increasingly sophisticated and connected devices, we have become more targeted in efforts to ensure optimal and secure cardholder experience. From a single card to a smart phone, or even a smart car, how we transact and how we live are merging. The quality of data has become much richer as devices have evolved. While traditional card transactions provided limited insights into consumer behavior, connected devices have added a new dimension and richness to data. This session will discuss these trends, with implications for existing payments businesses and emerging players.


Taking fintech to the next level

Sponsored by Paymark

Mark Rushworth, CEO of Paymark, will kick off this session sharing his thoughts on the importance of fostering fintech innovation and startups. You will then see the startup finalists of our Fintech Innovation Challenge pitch their ideas to the delegation in a round of quick-fire presentations. Each finalist will have 10 minutes to convince the delegation that their startup is worthy of being the inaugural Fintech Innovation Challenge winner. The session includes a Q&A panel and a delegate poll to select the best presentation and innovation. The winner will then be announced at the Gala Dinner that evening.

Our finalists presenting are: Dexibit, Genoapay, Jude, My Bitcoin Saver and Shareclarity.


All delegates are invited to the Cocktail Function to relax and unwind over drinks and canapes.


The Gala Dinner promises to be the social highlight of our two-day conference. A sumptuous three-course dinner will be served, we will announce the Fintech Innovation Challenge winner and delegates will hear from our inspirational and entertaining guest speaker.

The dress code for dinner is business casual.