Our industry working groups form the engine room of Payments Direction. These groups have a cross-section of people from across the industry whose focus is on investigating areas of opportunities and workstreams. Our current industry working groups are:

  • API working group – currently developing 15 key areas of a management framework to cover API access, standards and design constructs. 
  • Proxy identifier working group – developing the technical solution for a proxy identifier service.
  • Speeding up working group – tasked with considering how we might enable both faster payments and faster access to funds to continue to support a well-functioning economy.
  • Informative transactions working group – looking at ways informative transactions, which carry rich data and information, can be provided across the ecosystem.


Week of 1 October 2018

Working group: API pilot

The group focused on the key features and mechanics of the enduring consent API standard, which will support ‘enduring consent’ for both payments and data. We also monitored and discussed modifications to the existing API standards that are underway.

Working group: API framework

In this session, the group reviewed the key high level themes coming out of recent focus group sessions we held with interested stakeholders on NZ’s API and payments ecosystem. We also discussed the delineation of responsibilities and obligations with respect to customer account data and information. We heard from a guest speaker on API metrics, and started considering what reporting mechanisms should be in place for performance and monitoring on the usage of our API standards.


Week of 24 September 2018

Working group: API Standards sub-group

We released the draft of the two API standards from our pilot for Account Information and Payment Initiation. They’re now available on request to interested parties through our website.

Working group: Proxy ID

We will shortly be seeking nominations from our Participants and Members for representatives to join the newly formed Proxy Identifier technical working group. Shaun Clements has recently joined the Payments Direction project team and will be leading this new workstream.


Week of 17 September 2018

Working group: API framework

Today was a brief session where the framework ‘path to live’ approach was conceptually endorsed. This was followed by an informative presentation on some of the different Open Banking implementations around the world from David Beardmore of the Open Data Institute in the UK.


Week of 3 September 2018

Working group: API framework

This session was a recap of the proposed API service framework design and a review to ensure we continue to deliver against our plan. It was agreed that the framework working group would now meet less regularly as the focus moves from design to build.

Working group: Speeding up

The group finalised their recommendation to the industry, setting out a range of suggested next steps. This recommendation will be considered by our Industry Advisory Group in late September before next steps are agreed.


Week of 20 August 2018

Working group: API pilot

The pilot group considered the end-to-end risk profile to ensure the safety and security of those using the enduring consent API. They also considered how the consent management API might be extended to support request-to-pay use cases.


Week of 13 August 2018

Working group: Speeding up

The group reviewed a ‘fast-as’ strawman to determine if separate clearing and settlement rails could achieve fast as payments. They discussed benefits and learnings from the API pilot to determine whether it was fit for purpose. The group then finalised the key content for their recommendation to the industry advisory group. 

Working group: API standards sub-group

The standards group worked on defining how a centralised digital certificate management service could look as part of the API framework. The group explored how a centralised certificate management service could increase efficiency for API providers and third parties.


Week of 30 July 2018

Working group: Speeding up

The focus this week was assessing the payments value chain in detail across all clearing systems in order to identify where there may be opportunities to speed up those systems. The group also considered whether to enable ‘fast-as’ payments using the industry API framework. This will be investigated in more detail at the next meeting.

Working group: API framework

Great progress was made with further refining the common access agreement, and detailed terms and conditions. These are now in final draft and ready for wider consideration, including a legal review. The group is expecting to share and test components of the common access agreement and terms and conditions when focus group testing begins in mid-September.


Week of 23 July 2018

Working group: API standards sub-group

The week started with an end-to-end walkthrough of the account information API standard. Particular focus was on agreeing how account balances are to be defined. They also progressed the standards development efforts for the new Consent Management API.

Working group: API pilot

It was a busy week for this group as they got to work on getting business requirements for the consent management API across the line. Part of the discussion revolved around some of the finer details related to this API, such as how the payer account must be defined, how frequency of payment is managed, and how to ensure the right risk control tools are in place.

Working group: API framework

The focus of the group this week was on refining terms and conditions for third party providers looking to join the API service. An important part of this work is developing a common access document which sets out key access information and seeks to smooth the way for bilateral discussions between API providers and third parties.


Week of 16 July 2018

Working group: Speeding up

As part of the industry’s commitment to enable both faster payments and faster access to funds for Kiwis, the group revisited the strategic objective of ‘fast as’ payments. This involved looking back at consumer research on faster payments including how we can improve the timeliness and efficiency of our modern batch-based systems. We also reviewed a range of use cases to determine potential speeding up opportunities within the existing payment systems.  Further work on this initiative will be progressed in 2019.

Working group: API standards sub-group

A recent development is the review and progression of scope and business requirements for the consent management API. The group has come up with some initial draft standards and will be looking to share them more widely for industry feedback once they are better advanced. At this stage, this is expected to happen in the next few months.


Week of 9 July 2018

Working group: API standards sub-group

The technical sub-group met to further refine standards development following a full end-to-end walkthrough of the draft Payments Initiation standard. The group also began working on the first draft of standards for the new consent management API.


Week of 2 July 2018

Working group: API pilot

Business requirements for the industry pilot were discussed in detail and the group confirmed a minimum viable product approach will be taken in the short term for launch day.

They also workshopped what a customer-centric ‘one stop shop’ consent management process could look like to complement the development of the newly added enduring consent API. The development of this additional API came out of the work undertaken as part of the pilot. Enduring consent will strengthen the two pilot APIs and help to further simplify the customer journey.

Working group: API framework

Meanwhile, the API framework group continued to look at various roles that could be played by the standards body. The group’s view is that any standards body must support and encourage market led self-governance and innovation.

Working group: Proxy ID

The group wrapped up their recent investigations by finalising a next steps report. The report’s key recommendations included:

  • the establishment of a technical working group to produce a detailed business description document for the centralised proxy service, and
  • market testing of the proxy identifier solution with key stakeholders within the industry by running focus groups to socialise the proposed proxy solution and potential use cases. 

Week of 18 June 2018

Working group: Speeding up

The first sprint of the year kicked off and the group focused on reviewing their strategic objectives and scope. In particular they reviewed the current state of our existing clearing systems, and looked at some global trends and options which will ultimately help to develop the right-size solutions for speeding up our systems.


Week of 7 May 2018

Working group: API framework

The focus this week was on developing how the standards body would operate. The primary role of the body will be governing how organisations (including API providers and third parties) can access the standards, use them in market, and contribute to their ongoing development. In particular, the working group looked at confirming the role the standards body would play and the key services it will provide.