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Shaping payments together

Payments NZ sets the rules that keep our payment system open, safe and efficient. We embrace relationships and technology to make sure our system is working at its best now and well into the future.

Integrity, efficiency, security

Our business is payment system safety, a level playing field and system efficiency. We work with our members to understand the landscape, set the rules and standards for New Zealand and make it fair for all.

Our vision

In a complex and fast moving environment our goal is to get ahead of the curve and make sure our payment system is ready for the changes when they arrive. By including the groups and individuals that drive our industry on this journey we will ultimately make participation easier and reduce costs for all.

What's happening

29 April 2015

Data Dynamics and Diplomacy

Check out all the highlights from The Hub March 2015 - our first session of The Hub this year. We had a panel of data experts discussing and debating the opportunities data presents in payments.

10 April 2015

The world of real-time payment systems

We've written a research paper called 'Payments Now' which investigates what other countries around the world define as real-time payments (RTP).

01 April 2015

Are our payment systems as good as we think they are?

We all have the perception that NZ has great payment systems but how can you really measure it and prove it? And if it can be proved, so what? This article takes a brief look at answering these two questions.

24 March 2015

Media release: Payments NZ membership keeps you connected

We’re excited to have new members on board with our growing Payments NZ membership programme.

23 March 2015

Creating an intelligent payments messaging environment

We’ve recently undertaken a study of New Zealand’s strategic opportunity to adopt the ISO 20022 payments messaging standard. Are you interested in knowing more?

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22 May 2015

Industry news top reads

Check out our selection of top payments news from the past seven days.