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Shaping payments together

Payments NZ sets the rules that keep our payment system open, safe and efficient. We embrace relationships and technology to make sure our system is working at its best now and well into the future.

Integrity, efficiency, security

Our business is payment system safety, a level playing field and system efficiency. We work with our members to understand the landscape, set the rules and standards for New Zealand and make it fair for all.

What's happening

14 December 2015

NZ payments stats - a year in review

We’ve looked back at New Zealand’s payments statistics for 2015, picked out some notable trends and packaged it all up in this handy infographic.

01 December 2015

A view of NZ's payments ecosystem in 10 years time

We've recently produced the second report from our Payments Direction strategic initiative which sets out a view of what the New Zealand payments ecosystem could look like in 10 years time.

20 November 2015

The rise of blockchain

There’s been a lot of talk about cryptocurrencies in recent years (especially Bitcoin) but it’s the blockchain technology which provides the platform for cryptocurrencies that’s currently getting the most attention. Here's what we’ve learned about this rising technology and the opportunities it presents for financial services.

16 October 2015

A year of growing connections

Just over a year ago we opened our doors to organisations from across the payments ecosystem with the launch of our membership programme, complementing our existing Direct Settlement Participant programme. Our wider membership base is now made up of 11 Participants and 16 Members.

14 September 2015

A review of our changing payments landscape

Payments NZ has conducted an environmental scan of the global payments ecosystem, including current trends and future influences. The findings have been consolidated and analysed in our report '2015 Environmental scan report: Our changing payments landscape'. This is a summary of those findings.

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05 February 2016

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