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Direct Debit

A direct debit enables another party (the initiator), once authorised by you, to take payments from your nominated bank account electronically.

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Direct Credit

A direct credit is most often used by businesses to make batches of payments in one transaction.

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Automatic Payment

An automatic payment is an instruction from you to your bank to pay a fixed amount at a regular frequency from your nominated bank account to another party.

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Online Banking

Online Banking is accessed via a secure website and allows you to make payments and manage your accounts via the internet on your computer. Most banks also allow you to access online banking facilities via a mobile phone application.

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Phone Banking

Phone banking is accessed via a touchtone phone and allows you to make payments, transfer funds or speak to a banking consultant.

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Credit Cards

A credit card allows you to borrow money to make your purchases. Credit cards can be used to pay for goods and services at home and overseas or when shopping online.

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Debit Cards

A Debit Card allows you to electronically withdraw or deposit funds in your bank account.

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Same Day Cleared Payments (SCP)

A Same-day Cleared Payment is an irrevocable payment to the nominated bank account of another party.

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A cheque is a written instruction by you to your bank to pay a specific amount of money from your bank account to the person you have named.

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Shaping Payments Together

PNZ sets the rules that keep our payment system open, safe and efficient. We embrace relationships and technology to make sure our system is working at its best now and well into the future.

Integrity, Efficiency, Security

Our business is payment system safety, a level playing field and system efficiency. We work with our members to understand the landscape,  set the rules and standards for New Zealand and make it fair for all.

In a complex and fast moving environment our goal is to get ahead of the curve and make sure our payment system is ready for the changes when they arrive.  By including the groups and individuals that drive our industry on this journey we will ultimately make participation easier and reduce costs for all.

Current News & Media

01 April 2014

Exploring Cryptocurrency

The March Payments Hub meeting tackled the hot topic of cryptocurrency, with a focus on one of the biggest players in the field, Bitcoin.

25 March 2014

Payments NZ launches new standards for mobile payments

New options for making payments by mobile phone are expected to appear later this year. Payments NZ has launched new Mobile Device Rules and Standards that will govern the mobile payments system and protect businesses and consumers.

27 February 2014

Spam Alert

If you receive an unsolicited email from Payments NZ that contains a file with a .rar extension please treat this with caution.

07 February 2014

Cash in New Zealand

Recent headlines in the international media talk about a cashless society. We’ve heard the hype, but what’s really happening in New Zealand? We’ve put together this short series of slides to help explain.

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