• Payments Direction: Insights and Perspectives Summary - March 2017

    Key findings from a survey undertaken in March 2017 to provide an understanding of New Zealanders’ thoughts and behaviours towards current and future payment methods.

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  • Payments Direction: 2017 Environmental scan overview

    This is a summary of the themes and findings from our 2017 Environment scan report.

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  • Payments Direction: 2017 Environmental scan report

    This is the full report from our 2017 scan which identifies that payments ecosystems around the world are evolving at unprecedented rates.

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  • Payments Direction: Payments 2025 report

    A view of what the New Zealand payments ecosystem could look like in 10 years time.

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  • Payments Direction: 2015 Environmental scan report

    Consolidated findings from our Payments Direction environmental assessment.

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  • Payments Direction: 2016 Environmental scan refresh

    This scan looks at the themes from our original (2015) environmental scan and assesses them against the developments that have occurred in the year since.

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  • Payments Direction: Insights and perspectives - results summary

    Key findings from the Payments Direction initiative surveys of New Zealand consumers, businesses and payments organisations.

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  • Re-mastering payments messaging - a Payments NZ discussion paper

    A BECS commissioned strategic feasibility study exploring richer file formats and the modernisation of the BACHO file format to a format like ISO 20022.

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  • Payments Now - a Payments NZ research paper

    A research paper investigating the world of real-time payment systems.

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  • Benchmarking New Zealand's payment systems

    This report assesses New Zealand against 10 to 15 comparable countries, across all payment systems and payment instruments.

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