With a Payments NZ Membership you can help shape the future of payments by having your say about issues that impact your organisation and by getting involved in our work. It’s also a way you can get better connected with the industry.

Membership benefits

As a Member you will be close to the future development and governance of New Zealand’s payments system and be able to: 

  • Help ensure New Zealand businesses and consumers continue to have access to a world-leading payments system.
  • Contribute to our Payments Direction programme through workshops and working groups.
  • Contribute to the safety, efficiency, interoperability and innovation of the payment systems governed by Payments NZ.
  • Take part in conversations about how our payments system needs to evolve to achieve our aspiration for New Zealand to be a world leader in payments. 

Membership types

Our two membership types cater for the different organisations in the payment ecosystem, what they're interested in doing, and how involved they would like to be in our work.

Infrastructure Member

Designed for organisations that provide infrastructure services related to the operation of those systems and want to take an active role in the management of our clearing systems. 

Industry Member

Designed for organisations with a business interest in payment industry initiatives and want to play an active part in industry-focused strategic conversations and initiatives.

Becoming a Member

If you’re interested in becoming a Payments NZ Member, get in touch

There are certain steps to becoming a Member. In the first instance talk to us about your interest in joining. Then we’ll help you complete an application form. Once approved, you’ll pay the applicable fee and become a Member. 

If you have any questions or are ready to apply, please call us on +64 (0)4 890 6750.

Our current Members


Infrastructure Members

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