Phone banking is accessed via a touchtone phone and allows you to make payments, transfer funds or speak to a banking consultant.

The benefits

Contact centre staff are available to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week via a domestic toll free number.

Phone banking can be used for making regular bill payments to pre-established organisations (such as utilities, councils, insurance companies) for account enquiries and for transferring funds between your own accounts.

Things to keep in mind

You will need to ensure there are sufficient available funds in your account when making any payment. 

When making regular payments to a specific payee you need to first establish them through your bank as a Pre-Selected Bill Payee. This way your reference or customer information can be pre-populated to ensure your payment is applied correctly.


You generally need to enter your customer number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) before you can access your account and transactional services via phone banking.

Contact centre staff may ask you additional security questions to confirm your identity when dealing with them via phone banking.