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About Us

Our vision, mission & values

At Payments NZ, we strive to make sure payments are simple and secure for all New Zealanders.

Our vision

Payments NZ will be the recognised authority on payments systems in New Zealand and lead the world’s most progressive self-governing payments industry. We will enable innovative and interoperable payments systems so Kiwis can pay who they want, when they want and how they want.

Our mission

We strengthen the industry through effective governance, a team of capable experts and with input from stakeholders. We enable inclusion in the ecosystem, promoting interoperable, innovative, safe, open and efficient payment systems.

Our values

We’re committed to six core values:

  • Cooperation: Delivering results through cooperation and inclusion.
  • Future-focused: Thinking ahead and pushing boundaries.
  • Value adding: Focused on continual improvement and innovation.
  • Authenticity: Being objective, balanced and trusted.
  • Quality: Pursuing a high standard of excellence and quality.
  • Proactivity: Working proactively to maintain self-governance and market-led innovation.
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