Benchmarking New Zealand’s payment systems

2 Nov 2016

Our benchmarking report assesses New Zealand against 10 to 15 comparable countries, across all payment systems and payment instruments. The report uses a range of metrics, calculations and analysis to reveal how Kiwis’ payments usage stacks up against other countries, and identifies our comparative strengths and weaknesses.

New Zealand is renowned for having one of the most developed and dynamic payment systems in the world, but it has always been a challenge to provide measurable evidence to support these claims. This report aims to change this by completing the first ever comprehensive, evidence based international benchmarking exercise of NZ’s payment systems.

The benchmarking has established that New Zealand’s retail payment systems and instruments, on the whole, rank very highly on a range of metrics. In some areas, New Zealand leads the world, in particular with respect to some cards and electronic payment metrics.

We encourage you to download the report to learn about more about how Kiwis like to pay, and insights on how this compares to other comparable countries, including an in-depth comparison with Australia.