New Zealand payments stats – 2019 in review

7 Sep 2020

We’ve looked at how Kiwis made payments in 2019 and put together this infographic. Some notable trends include: 

  • Kiwis made an average of 488 payment transactions each in 2019, with card transactions being the most popular way to pay at 381 card transactions per capita – more than 1 per day. 
  • Total card transaction volumes at point of sale grew 6.87% in 2019, faster than electronic credit and debit payment volumes (+3.9%), reversing trends we saw in 2017 and 2018.  
  • Direct credits became the fastest growing electronic payment instrument by volume, surpassing bill payments which have traditionally been the fastest growing (DC +4.5% vs BP +4.3%). 
  • Cheques continue to be replaced by electronic payments. For every cheque written there were 169 electronic payments in 2019, an increase from 120 electronic payments in 2018.